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Obedience training is the difference between a good dog and a great dog. The end goal of obedience is to have your dog obey your verbal commands.

Obedience training is very important to the well being of your pet. A well behaved pet is welcome in all social situations such as people entering your home, shopping, visiting friends, or meeting that unexpected unleashed dog on your walk.

Optimally puppy training is our beginning, which will give you a lifetime of satisfaction. Housebreaking is part of puppy training.

We offer training tailored to your needs and payable by the hour. You may elect just one lesson or at the end of each lesson decide to schedule another. Training occurs at your location and at your pace. We make suggestions, you make decisions. Love, and very few treats are utilized as motivation. A combination of verbal commands and hand signals are suggested.

We offer training for sit, stay, come, heel, no pulling, no biting, no chewing, no jumping, no bolting out the door, no jumping on kitchen counters or furniture. Training is provided for dogs to learn to ride quietly in a vehicle.

TESTIMONIAL: " John has been a part of my Labradoodles life since they were puppies-and we consider John part of "our family". When they were 5-months old they began obedience training with John because I wanted dogs that were well behaved and could be completely controlled when guests and/or friends would come to visit. As a result of his expert training, my dogs have free run of the house, are happy and well adjusted and can be controlled at ALL times (even when off leash)! John has a key to my house and before I make plans to go away, I first check John's schedule to make sure he is available to take care of Sophie and Max. In our opinion, he is the absolute best at what he does." Lori-Ocean